IPA Athletic Cross

IPA Athletic Cross

At the proposal of the Sports Commission of the IPA Region Skopje and on the occasion of 10 years since the establishment of the IPA Region Skopje, the Management Board of the IPA Region Skopje made a Decision to organize the IPA Athletic Cross at 10 km.

The Athletic Cross will be held at the Hipodrom on 29.08.2021 starting at 10.00 with the support of the Athletic Federation of Macedonia.

This is the first Athletic Cross which will also be a qualification, ie. will serve for the selection of the best IPA athletes for the formation of IPA Athletic Teams of the IPA Region Skopje and the National Section that will represent us at the future Athletic Races.

All active IPA members and IPA friends have the right to participate and the registration will be done at the IPA representatives or at the IPA Info Center and the Offices of IPA Skopje.

Management Board of IPA Region Skopje